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After this, we’re introduced to the aspiring journalist Summer Hartley (Rachel Weisz).

He told her how he had been young and stupid at the time. It does use the Lord’s name in vain at least 16 times and Jesus’ name about 5 times.The daughter talking briefly about what she learned in sex ed in school was brief and humorous, it was a child simply asking questions about sex we did not find it distasteful.Unfortunately, they do teach sex ed in public schools and this was displayed in the movie, to me it was just showing real life and once again this was also very brief and not too bad.He shows the expanse of his acting ability as the loving, devoted father.

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Rachel Weisz, Elizabeth Banks, and Isla Fisher all play their roles excellently.

These three women come in and out of Will’s life at different times, making it a little more complicated for Maya to solve the “love story mystery.” The cast was strong; the script decent for its genre.